Top-notch tour guides that we are, we had to keep up the quality with our visiting friends Melissa and Carolyn.   Not letting up after our mountain epic, we decided to show them the local ocean, via my favorite west coast seaside spot (so far), the Oceanside Trail at Rancho Palos Verdes.

Rancho Palos Verdes

It’s funny, but some of the miles before Rancho Palos Verdes are among the ugliest I’ve seen anywhere…factories, refineries, dry docks, warehouses…but then suddenly you enter an idyllic little area of upscale houses, quiet streets, and the gorgeous coastline.

We parked at Donald Trump’s golf course, which borders the trail, a quiet little outpost actually, and immediately were in awe of the mistiness that shrouded the nearby islands.   Beginning our walk from there, we admired the steep cliffs as we roamed, picking up the occasional snail, and watching pelicans, crows, and seagulls flutter overhead.

Cute pup

A steep path then descended to the rocky beach below.  Overcoming the exhaustion from yesterday, as well as inadequate footwear and existential angst, we made it down to the shore.   It was lovely.

Me and Jonathan

While I sat on a huge log, the rest of the group wandered to the tidal pools formed amongst the rocks, finding some odd sea creatures that looked like blue flowers, so I’m told.   The best part though was probably when the four of us sat back at the log, just watching the waves, distant mist, and enjoying the exquisite silence -a rare moment of contentment, rest, and clarity.

We headed back to the car and made it to Hermosa Beach where we took some lovely sunset shots from the pier.

Hermosa Beach

After a bit of a debate over what restaurant to eat at, we finally settled on a quiet Mexican place overlooking the ocean for dinner and drinks, courtesy of our visitors.   I was cold because they left the door open, but Jonathan asked them to shut it,  and then held me close to warm me.

It had been a full day, and we were all happy and tired as we got back to Culver City.   Our guests seemed happy and that was the most important thing.   And I finally got to show Jonathan my favorite California beach.   More adventures await with Carolyn and Melissa, my new-found friends.



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6 thoughts on “A Trip to Paradise”

  1. Beautiful scenery, beautiful colors and glad Jonathan kept you warm. Soon the scenery will change and photos will be of Utah. Love, Ma

  2. You seem to be living the wonders of this beautiful life! Everything looks and sounds very romantic. Thanks again for sharing all the beauty. Birute

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