I recently discovered this secluded beautiful beach and preserve area in Englewood Florida.  Hiking trails pass through five distinct natural communities and provide homes for many species of wildlife including osprey flying overhead, gopher tortoises, snowy egrets, and great blue herons.

Female Osprey
RedHeaded Woodpecker
RedHeaded Woodpecker

Sea grapes, mangroves, and bay cedars create an authentic Florida experience. carbon-grasped-mangrove-roots-vastly-underestimated_54 The sea grasses shelter numerous marine creatures including lovely spiny sea urchins. Shelling is extremely popular along this stretch of the beach and I was happy to find numerous fossilized sharks’ teeth estimated to be 4-5 million years old.  A single Tiger shark can produce as many as 24,000 teeth in ten years, which means literally billions of teeth have been deposited in the Gulf. shark              









If you are in need of solitude or enjoy viewing wildlife at a pristine beach and surrounding marshland community, I would highly recommend you visit Stump Pass Beach State Park.

stump pass



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