After leaving Bryce we continued up route 12.   You’d think this would all be enough…but no! We kept waiting for the scenery to end and be replaced by strip malls or industrial parks, but it never did. Around every bend was more magnificence.  


Southern Utah is surrounded by some of the most beautiful country that I have ever seen. We experienced countless hoodoos, arches, outlandish rock formations, a mystical forest of bare white trees and deep snow, and deep canyons witnessed from the at times treacherous road.  The Escalante Grand Stair Case below was certainly the highlight. 

 The area has been protected since September 1996 after the establishment, by presidential decree, of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. It is bordered by the spectacular Capitol Reef National Park ad Glen Canyon National Recreation.

Enchantment was pumping out of our pores by the time we found a hotel, the Days Inn in the town of Torrey. This was a comfortable place in the middle of an enthralling nowhere.

We settled in to do some blogging, watch Family Guy, and read trashy magazines about Demi Moore’s rehab and how Jen has been controlling Justin’s life. It was a comforting end to a…a…a…fantastic day.




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8 thoughts on “Escalante is Excellelante”

  1. Trish, I am extremely jealous. Your photos are getting better in every post, and so is your writing. I love the way you are balancing your compositions, and many of these images have a very fresh look to them (and I’ve seen about a billion scenic photos…) Maybe it’s the improved mood from getting out of the city, but your writing is also getting more natural and engaging. I think you may have a terrific season ahead of you!

    1. Hi Kevin. Thanks for the compliments! I think you are right – getting out of the city and having such spectacular beauty surrounding us everyday makes for some beautiful photos and natural writing. Only wish you would be here to compare notes with and angles.

  2. Many people in Utah were upset that Clinton closed up Escalante but it was one of the best things he could have done! Save the open spaces!!

  3. Wow! Your pictures are so pretty. I’ve been to Utah several times because I have family there, but I never got to see these areas. I did, however, go to Cascade Springs and some other places, which are just as beautiful.

    1. Hi Alicia. Thanks! I would love to explore Cascade Springs. I thought Southern California was pretty but Utah is just awe inspiring.

  4. Such great pictures and seeing this type of scenery and being in it must be soo delightful!! Good to hear you are enjoying it so much, and thank you so much for sharing it with us here!!

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