We awoke in our comfy hotel to find a beautiful sunrise outside the window. Another grueling packing fiasco ensued, as we semi-silently blamed each other for having too much stuff.

But putting such insidious thoughts aside, we drove on to the entrance of Bryce Canyon National Park. A small herd of grazing deer crossed the road just as we arrived, pausing to look at us with their big brown eyes…we were dying of cuteness.

And now we begin to run out of words to describe these places. Yes, it was spectacular, breathtaking…. s

Beautiful Bryce Canyon
Thor’s Hammer
Bryce Canyon Hoo Doos

Jonathan is always on the lookout for animals, and on the drive to Inspiration Point, he spied a pronghorn. Mistakenly known by many at the pronghorn antelope, it is in fact not a true antelope. It resembled a stocky deer with extra white patches, and the curved horns from which it gets its name. Jonathan got out of the car, took photos, and soon a traffic jam formed as other passersby noticed this and followed suit.

It was odd to see patches of snow throughout Bryce Canyon, a substance we’d long forgotten about it, and there was something oddly comforting about it.

Bryce Canyon

Unfortunately, the time came that we had to leave this beautiful park but happily there were even more beautiful sights to see on our journey.   Please leave your comments below!



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23 thoughts on “Bryce Is Nice”

  1. Thanks again for bringing back the memories of 10 years ago, when my sister,Lili, took me to Utah. It is breathtaking. What I remember becomes even more spectacular with the passing of time!
    So happy for you to be experiencing those great parks in Utah! Hee haw, Utah!!

  2. Overwhelmingly beautiful! Must see Nice Bryce for myself some day! Your photos and commentary are a wonderful travel log…

  3. Makes it hard to get working this morning after seeing these beautiful pictures. Feeling twinges of contagious wanderlust. Enjoy this adventure!

  4. Again your photos are spectacular and should be in a travel book. You look great, Trish, like you are really enjoying your advengture! Ah, to be young and healthy again!

  5. Thanks for sharing more beautiful, natural sites Trish. You’re looking great & appear to be doing well and enjoying your great travels, adventures.
    The bits of snow may have been a little invigorating, refreshing and familiar to you?!
    Stay well Trish. We look forward to seeing you back in New England sometime again soon!

  6. I saw your pictures of Zion Park and have since started organizing my trip to Utah to include Zion, we have actually looked at the idea of going to Bryce canyon also… time will tell, if we have the time. You pictures are awesome and it really entices me to get there!! I asked my Grandfather what I should make sure I see when I am in Zion Park, he said everything.. I will ask him if he went to Bryce also!

    1. Hi Holly. I don’t think you will be disappointed if you stop at Bryce – even if it is just for an hour. I loved Zion but I think Bryce was my favorite Utah park.

  7. The sheer dimensions of the landscapes and the way that you’ve captured them: I take my hat off to you! And I think you’re splashing around having a whale of a time – not the slightest bit out of water at all! 😉

    As a Brit who lived for a few years in Canada, I have the appreciation that anyone from a small and overcrowded country must surely have for the vast expanses of the likes of the North American continent: So I’ll say again: Beautifully captured! 🙂

    1. Thanks Linda! About 1/3 of our visitors to the park I worked at in Utah were European and as you mentioned they loved the vast expanses of Utah. After living in Los Angeles and Boston I loved it too!

  8. This brings back memories as my husband, son and I took a trip several years ago and one stop was Bryce Canyon. We were in our motor home and it was spectacular.

    Thank you Trish for sharing your amazing photos and sounds like you had a wonderful time as well. I think there is so much beauty to be seen here in the United States! We are now planning a trip to Niagara Falls.

    1. Hi Lynn. Hope you have a wonderful time in Niagara Falls. Hopefully you will do a blog article on it!

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