Though we always have much work to do, as it was New Year’s Day Jonathan and I decided to take a little excursion.   We headed south to check out the Laguna area, a place we’d driven through briefly once, but never had the opportunity to fully explore.


Our first stop was at the Laguna Wilderness Park.  What we noticed right away in getting out of the car, is that it was hot, much warmer than Culver City.   I don’t like to hike in the heat, but having driven for nearly an hour to get there, we hit the trail anyway. If you ever visit this park, our advice is that you don’t bother exploring the trail to the lake that’s on the map.   We wasted quite a bit of time on this dusty road, which meandered under a highway overpass and never actually got us to the edge of the water.   There was nothing to see here and the sound of the highway made us feel like we were back in L.A.

So we ventured up the Sycamore Trail, which was much nicer, and steadily climbs the small mountains that encircle the canyon.    It was pleasant, but the heat and our fatigue from the fruitless lake mission had me running out of energy.   We walked about a mile, then clambered back down to the car, overall disappointed with the experience, though should we ever return we will head right up the Sycamore trail and finish what we started.

Laguna Wilderness Center

We decided to move on, and though the rest of Laguna was also lovely, the traffic was thickening.   Soon we were heading north on the Pacific Coast Highway, the sun starting to set.

Crystal Cove State Park

Passing a sign for Crystal Cove State Park, however, we couldn’t resist stopping for a quick sunset stroll, getting some lovely photos in the final moments of daylight on the first day of the year.



As we drove back the park we saw a beautiful sunset which reminded me of when I lived in Florida. We made it home wet, sandy, and tired, but pretty satisfied. There was no ice on the road, no snow in the driveway when we arrived. This is not the kind of New Year’s Day we are used to.


Speaking of that, happy new year to all of you, and thanks for reading my blog! Please feel free to subscribe via email, share via linked in, Facebook, etc. or leave a comment below. Thanks!



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