As I mentioned on a previous post, I’m a fan of Bette Davis, and seeing her grave wasn’t quite enough for me.  Located near Hollywood but spiritually far away from the fast pace of the movie studios, Laguna was the perfect place for Bette Davis.

It was  in this home that Davis apparently first read the script for one of her most famous and highly regarded films, “All about Eve.”

After about a thirty minute drive, we arrived at 1991 Ocean Way, where Bette lived from 1947 to 1950.   It was smallish, by movie star standards, and not particularly private.

In fact there was a public walkway right next to it, which led to stairs leading to a beautiful garden.

The next set of stairs ran steeply down to a small beach called Wood’s Cove.  

Our spirits immediately lifted as we stepped into this secluded nook, a tiny strip of shoreline surrounded by large rocks.  The Davis estate loomed over us, high on a sea wall.

Bette Davis House

We sat on the sand and watched the surf crash, took some photos, and dipped our toes in the freezing water.  There were a few other people in this idyllic spot, but not enough for it to be crowded.  It was a lovely little scene.   Playwright Tennessee Williams summered here in 1939 and wrote “I have never lived in such an ideal, enchanting place as Laguna Beach.”

Before leaving we took a few pictures for my website Finally Fit and Healthy.  They came out quite nicely. 

Hope everyone had a safe happy near new year.  Please feel free your comments below, share with Facebook, and/or subscribe via email. 




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