We had decided to take a different route back, just for different sights and hopefully to encounter less traffic too.   We drove west towards the town of Mojave.

It was a beautiful day, bright blue sky, so we hoped to to squeeze in a few walks along the way.   About half-way to Mojave we saw a sign for Harper Lake Wildlife Sanctuary, but after turning down a long side road to find it, decided it was too far.   So instead we just pulled over to the side, got out of the car, and went for a pleasant stroll on a beautiful prairie.   Jonathan and I have learned that some of the most enjoyable moments come in obscure places, off the beaten track.

   Actually, it wasn’t completely beautiful, as we found many rusted cans in what was either an old dump or the greatest teenage party spot in the nation.   But it seemed no one had been there for a long time, and indeed we were all alone except for a large jack rabbit that Jonathan saw scamper away.  

 Eventually we made it back to the car and moved on to Mojave.   This was my second time in this desolate town, and it was as strange as I remembered it.   The hills to the north of it are covered with large white windmills and the town itself has freight trains perpetually traversing it.  

It is a bit surreal. In fact, we found it rather creepy, too.   The dusty streets are lined with ramshackle houses and hovels, and a number of odd characters roam these lanes.

     The Antelope Valley is a lovely mountainous area east of Los Angeles, and it was gorgeous in the late afternoon sunlight as we passed through.   The hills were golden and fuzzy, covered with a soft yellowish vegetation.

Sunset in Mojave

     A sign informed  us of the Vazquez Rocks County Park to our right, so we decided to do one final walk before heading home.   This diversion proved very wothwhile, as it turned out to be a picturesque area filled with towering monoliths and lovely cacti.

Vasquez Rocks



It was a wonderful trip and I can now saw that I have seen most of the Mojave Desert, though Death Valley still awaits.






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7 thoughts on “Christmas in the Desert”

  1. Great job Trish! Looks like you’re taking advantage of those beautiful paths for hiking & sightseeing in beautiful California! A sure dream of mine also. Are you expecting to stay there or return to Boston again??

    Let me know asap. I’d love to take a little vacation out to the west side sometime soon. Maybe I could visit you if I catch you before you leave?!



    P.S. Great work on the pic.’s and summary update. Thanks for sharing your beautiful hiking trips w/ us!

    1. Hi Lee. Glad you are enjoying the blog. Feel free to forward to friends who might enjoy it as well. When are you thinking of coming California? I am here at least until end of February and would love to see you.

  2. She writes so well. I drove through the Mohave with Robert from LA to Vegas. Ahhh what fine memories. She really is applesauce to read!

  3. Another fantastic blog! Your pictures showed me how much I missed walking through the preserve although I have been there many times. Also, the beauty of the sunset was spectactular – your photos are incredible and should be shown.

    1. Hi Mary. Yes it is my favorite place and I would like to have an exhibit of my photos at some point. We just returned from Red Rock Canyon so please look for another post in a few days. Glad you like the blog!

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