There are over 200 species of animals that make their home within Denali National Park’s six million acres. While Mt. McKinley may be the star of the park, the animals are truly what make the area an exciting place to visit.

Dall sheep, relatives of the bighorn sheep, graze the alpine tundra for the young shoots of mountain avens. Ewes and rams live apart in summer, while the lambs are getting their start.


Moose are a popular and commonly viewed animal through the park region, with densities increasing around the forested regions of the park. Bull moose are huge animals and become active in sparring and fighting other competing males as the breeding season begins in late August to early October. Cow moose generally give birth to twin calves in late May, but predation by wolves and bears takes a heavy toll on the calf survival rate.


Denali has grizzly and black bears, but it is very rare to see a black bear. Grizzlies are more common, especially along rivers in the park, such as Savage River, Teklanika River and Toklat River.


Birds can be heard nearly everywhere in the park. Ptarmigan and many varieties of passerines are common in brushy areas, along creeks or drainages throughout the park. Owls tend to be in thicker forests, while golden eagles are more often seen wafting high along ridge-lines. white-admiral-denali_fotor




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