A Tufted Titmouse has just about everything you could ask for in a backyard bird. Petite and strikingly elegant, it’s as perky as a chickadee. In fact, it’s a cousin to the chickadee.

And as it comes boldly to your seed or suet feeders, the Tufted Titmouse will even hang upside down like an acrobat. Tufted Titmice love to line their nests with soft hair. More than one sleeping family pet (and even some humans) have felt a sudden tug as a titmouse boldly steals a bit of hair.


Famous as the “upside down bird,” the White-Breasted Nuthatch is equally adept at clambering up, down, or around the trunks and major limbs of trees. When visiting bird feeders it may carry away dozens of seeds, one by one, to hide them in crevices of tree bark.


It is a characteristic pose of the Nuthatch, perhaps unique among birds, to stand head downward on the trunk of a tree with the neck extended backward, the bill pointing straight outward from the bark.


Black-capped Chickadees are members of the Titmouse family.  These birds can be very friendly and are rarely bothered by a humans’ presence. In fact, many bird watchers like myself have been able to hand feed these little birds, especially during winter. It is such a delight when a Chickadee trusts you enough to land on your hand to take seed. They are so light, like they are not even there.



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