For an area with such brief summers, the variety and color of the wildflowers in Alaska’s Denali National Park area is astounding.  Before the snow is entirely thawed, purple saxifrage, crowberry, horsetail, violets, arctic willow, cinquefoil and blueberry are just a few of the plants flowering.

forget-me-not_Fotor hk


By the beginning of June, the hillsides are a panorama of color with pink lousewort and blue lupine. Alaska’s state flower, the forget-me-no appears in June with its miniature clusters of blue flowers.  Several of these flowers have a short blooming season, so that by July the lousewort, lupine and the forget-me-nots are mostly gone. During peak wildflower season in early July it is feasible to see fifty or sixty species on a single hike.

wild_Fotor edifice

fl_Fotor cool

pink bell_Fotor



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