Male Painting Bunting
Male Painting Bunting

With its blues, reds, oranges, yellows and greens, the male painted bunting is a feathered rainbow. You almost have to see it for yourself to believe that a bird is this colorful The Painting Bunting is nicknamed “Nonpareil”, which in French means “without equal”, which I think is highly appropriate for such a spectacular bird.. I was lucky enough to have seen these beauties each time I have visited Felts Preserve in Palmetto, Florida.

Female Painted Bunting
Female Painted Bunting

Painted Buntings are found in the United States in the spring and summer, and migrate south to spend their winters in Cuba, Mexico, and Central America.  Florida is the only state that consistently has a breeding population in the spring and summer (in northeast Florida) and a wintering population (in central and south Florida).

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 Painted buntings are not listed by any government agency as either endangered or threatened, but the International Union for Conservation of Nature considers it “near threatened” through loss of habitat and capture for the pet trade.

pbMale Painted Buntings are often surprisingly difficult to spot despite their plumage because they are shy. They  spends much of their time hidden among dense cover outside the breeding season. If you would like to attract Painted Buntings, consider purchasing a caged feeder which is a tube-type feeder surrounded by a wire cage that allows small birds through but keeps bigger birds from accessing the seed.  Another alternative, especially in the breeding range is to provide several feeders with plenty of space in between them.



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