While volunteering at the Visitor Center at Natural Bridges I came upon a photography book that featured Fantasy Canyon, an area filled with unique and intricate erosional stones close to Vernal, in northeastern Utah. Upon seeing the photographs, I couldn’t wait to visit this park up in the northeastern corner of Utah near the Wyoming and Colorado borders, a long way from most of Utah’s other national parks.

Even though the area is only about 10 acres in size, it contains some of the most unique geologic features in the world. The site was officially discovered by explorer and paleontologist Earl Douglass, who called the area “The Devil’s Playground” and “Hades Pit.”

You may have seen photographs in books of this strange sandstone formation which resembles a teapot with the spout turned backwards. Unfortunately, “Teapot,” the centerpiece of Fantasy Canyon and the site’s most recognized and photographed stone figure, toppled from its base and shattered at the bottom of the canyon floor. The cause of Teapot’s fall stil remains a mystery.



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