It seems as though very few people visit Goblin Valley State Park, which is a shame since I was awestruck by the thousands of hoodoos and hoodoo rocks, which are formations of mushroom-shaped rock pinnacles.   It is is inhabited by strange and unique rock sculptures, carved by wind and water, that suggest mischievous goblins and phantasmagoric creatures.

The Valley, which is only about a mile across and two miles long, is full of thousands of mushroom-shaped pinnacles a few feet high. These pinnacles are composed of large, orange-brown boulders of hard rock atop weaker sandy layers which have eroded more quickly.

The then secluded Goblin Valley was discovered by Arthur Chaffin, the owner/operator of the Hite Ferry in the late 1920’s. He came upon a vantage point about a mile west of Goblin Valley and were awed by what they saw–five buttes and a valley of mushroom shaped rock formations surrounded by a wall of eroded cliffs. He called the area Mushroom Valley.
In 1949, Chaffin returned to the valley and spent days photographing the scores of intricately eroded creatures. Publicity attracted visitors to the valley despite its remoteness.

Visiting Goblin Valley is a surreal experiences, it is truly like travelling to another planet.



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