11 thoughts on “Amazing Arches”

    1. Hi Jim. Great photos on your website! I would highly recommend Southern Utah – it is a photographer’s dream. Though there are some beautiful places to photograph in Florida as well.

  1. Wow, those photographs are just lovely. I especially like the balanced rock. How exactly did you get the color to look that way? I am not a photographer, so you would probably have to explain it to me like you would a child, but I was wondering if you used some sort of filter or sepia setting? It is quite nice.

    1. Hi Kristen. I actually took the photo and then just using I Photo software and changed it to the sepia setting. Very easy to change it.

  2. These are stunning photos Patricia. I’ve not been to Utah, but I do have some great photos of Window Rock. Just amazingly beautiful land forms. Thank you very much for sharing them with us.

    I was wondering if this is a place you always wanted to go and visit or maybe do you get to enjoy living nearby?

    1. Thanks Michael. I have always wanted to visit Utah but never knew I would get so lucky to have actually lived at a National Park where I was serving as a volunteer ranger.

  3. thanks so much for sharing thse great images… you truly make me feel I am there my self… I am not but look forward to visit thse great places and experience what you are experiencing to the fullest.

    Thanks again… look forward for more great pictures in the future…
    all the best in every way.

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