One of our co workers had been raving about the town of Moab, so on a day off we decided to drive the two hours north to see what all the fuss was about.  We stopped in Blanding to do a few errands at the dollar store and library, then turned on to route 191 and passed through Monticello. 

Hole N' the Rock

We couldn’t resist stopping at the tacky,  one of a kind, Hole N the Rock, 12 miles south of Moab.   There is a  5,000 square foot store/home carved in to the side of a cliff by a guy named Albert Christensen.   Christensen blasted and drilled for 12 years, then moved in with his wife Gladys in 1952. The 14 rooms are interesting simply because of the sheer rock-carving mania they required. A cavernous bathroom is referred to as “a toilet in a tomb.” The couple operated a diner in the first room until 1955 shortly before Albert died. Gladys lived 17 more years, running the cafe and gift shop.

 Today, the cliff is covered with huge painted white letters that scream out “Hole N’ The Rock,” letting passersby know there’s something here that’s wondrously unnatural.  A Rushmore-like head of Franklin Roosevelt is carved into an alcove near the entrance.   

Unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to  enjoy the unique cactus and rock garden with benches and picnic tables carved completely of stone,  because it started pouring soon after we arrived. 

I have to say I have seen nothing quite like the Hole ‘n the Rock anywhere else in the world.   Next we moved onto Moab which the largest southeastern tourist town along US 191. The town was cute and the biggest chunk of civilization close to Natural Bridges.   We wandered around the town and pursued the used book stores, thrift store (which was disappointing) and bought our week’s worth of groceries.   It was nice to a great grocery store at our disposal, if only for a day.

From there, we traveled onward to Arches National Park…



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  1. yes! I love this. The outside seems vaguely familiar… I’m wondering if it’s one of the (many) things we drove by on road trip and didn’t get to explore…

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