We left Capital Reef National park and drove north of route 12 and came to a strange land of dusty hills that reminded Jonathan of the land of Mordor. We came eventually to the dreary town of Hanskville where I built some horrible diet soda and Jonathan had pizza.

We were only about 100 miles from Natural Bridges but there was still much beauty to see.  We crossed along prairie dotted with grazing cattle, the snow covered Henry mountains to our right.  The sun bright and soothing above our heads.

Escalante Cows
Henry Mountains

The land changed yet again and soon we were ascending into dark brown foreboding hills, an area known as Glen Canyon.

Glen Canyon

We stopped at an overlook and got our first glimpse of Lake Powell, a strange aqua marine sea stretching between the narrow gorge of the Colorado River.  A wild and  desolate area it was.

Jonathan at Lake Powell
Lake Powell

The road looped and curved and crossed strange bridges.  Cresting upwards only to plummet dramatically downwards again.   It amazed us to think we would be living in such an area.  We couldn’t wait to get to Natural Bridges. 

Glen Canyon



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5 thoughts on “The Road to Natural Bridges”

    1. Hi Amrik. Thanks! Every day in Utah is something new, different, beautiful and exciting to explore.

    1. Thanks Steve! Being in Utah feels like being on a different planet! One amazing site after another.

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