Shells, Shells Everywhere!

Lido Key is famous for its pristine beaches.  People come here from all over the globe to find shells  Some of my favorites to find are tiger paws, clam shells, and coquinas and sand dollars.  Through the mass of broken bits I did mange to find  the perfect sand dollar right on the beach.  Of course on my last day I dropped it in the parking lot of the Tampa Airport and broke it!

Myself, Biruta and Walter

As we walked down the shore the white sand gently slopes and dissolves into the blue water. The quiet waves of the gentle gulf seem so different from the chaotic wild water of California.  However, I did see at least one surfer trying to ride the tide.

Lido Key

After spending the morning at the beach, we decided to walk around  St. Armand’s Key with its upscale mix of hip art galleries, restaurants and apparel boutiques. We stopped at Cha Cha Coconuts for some pina colas and nachos.  I think Jonathan would have enjoyed it.

Cha Cha Coconuts

Finally we ended the day at the Sandbar Restaurant, which is  on the north end of Ann Maria Island.  The food is overpriced, yet it remains a favorite place of mine for enjoying beautiful sunsets over the expanse of  white sand by the Gulf of Mexico.

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The Sandbar




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8 thoughts on “St. Armand’s Circle and Lido Key”

  1. Hope you didn’t have to walk on those seashells. I’d hate to crush them. I’ve never seen so many. Wow. Beautiful. Sorry you broke your sand dollar.
    Am enjoying your adventures. Love, Ma

  2. Awesome pictures, Patricia!
    I’ve never seen soooooooooooo many shells on one place! *Wohoooo* It’s a pity that you’ve to step on some of them to find the precious one you’re looking for 🙁
    What’s a sand dollar by the way? Never heard that word before.
    Love, Andreas

    1. Hi Andreas. Thanks so much for your wonderful comments! As you can see there are more than enough shells even if you break a few. A sand dollar shell looks sort of like a round white coin, which is where it gets its name. I think for a future blog I may write about the different types of shells you can find in Florida.

  3. Hey Trish,

    These are such beautiful sites (& pictures)! Unfortunately I won’t have enough $ or time to go both to Tucson & LA. So hopefully we can at least meet up in the Boston area sometime soon. Maybe this Spring or if you decide to come back again sometime soon?!
    I hope so!
    I’ll try to give a call again soon. Hopefully your phone will be charged and accepting calls this time! 🙂

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