Jonathan and I are both fans of the movie “Donnie Darko.  We discovered the opening scenes are filmed on the Angeles Crest Highway.

This is one of the most mysterious landscapes you could ever see.  Many of the steep mountains have been charred by fire.  Black trees create an eerie atmosphere. Some of the mountains are bald, some thickly wooded and others merely covered with scrub brush as they recover from past forest fires.

The road is wild, even wilder than Los Padres.  Cliffs are close to the road and there are many dangerous curves, tunnels and few travellers passing by.  We found a California tree frog in a stream in a hollow.

At a high point in the  road there is a stunning view of the Los Angeles basin and you can see the urban sprawl surrounding the city.  We went hiking in one of the valleys and stopped at a Native American rest area.   Some of the mountain tops are now covered in snow which I could see  when I was in  Pasadena the other day.   I am looking forward to going back soon and seeing these mountains under these conditions.






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